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Workers’ Compensation

Often called “Workman’s Comp”, Workers’ Compensation Law requires urgent action and a rapid retort. These are the actions by Kordalis Law Office that will result in personal service in your time of need.

Kordalis Law Office knows how difficult it can be for an injured worker to deal with retaliatory employers, employers’ doctors, and the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation after sustaining a work-place injury. We can handle all aspects of your Workers’ Compensation claim, including filing the claim on your behalf, medical treatment issues, lost wages issues, disability, claim settlement, and more. We will not let the complexity of the Workers’ Compensation bureaucracy intimidate you any longer.

The initial consultation with us is free of charge, and if we agree to accept your case, we will get paid for our services only if we get you money.

Injury victims need professional legal representation to ensure the successful settlement of claims. Don’t hesitate. Consult with Kordalis Law Office today.


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