Drug Charges

The punishment for drug charges in Dayton, Ohio, and the surrounding areas of Montgomery County, varies widely. The same charge could mean prison, probation or a dismissal depending on where it happened, whether task force detectives were involved, the prosecutor’s stance, and whether the judge favors treatment over retribution.

Asserting an aggressive defense can also make a huge difference when fighting to get a better result.

The good news for alleged offenders is that it despite what can initially seem like an impossible obstacle to overcome, you may be able to have the charges against you reduced or possibly even dismissed by working with an experienced criminal defense attorney.
Lawyer for Drug Charges in Dayton, Ohio.

Kordalis Law Office fights to defend clients accused of drug and narcotic crimes all over Ohio. Karl Kordalis knows what flaws or weaknesses to look for in the prosecution’s case against alleged offenders, and he will work to exploit those shortcomings for the most favorable outcome in your case.

Our firm understands the impact that these allegations can have on your personal and professional life. Let us see how we can help by calling (937) 224-1212 to schedule a free, confidential consultation that will let our criminal defense attorney review your case.

We understand the laws in Ohio that prohibit the possession, distribution, sale, or trafficking of controlled substances and the ways these crimes of prosecuted in the courtrooms throughout Dayton, OH.

Dayton Municipal Court, Fairborn Municipal, Xenia Municipal, Greene County Court of Common Pleas, Montgomery County

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